PhD research topics -Computer Science

Computer science is the seed of this specialized improvement. There are a few decent points in computer science for the task, theory, and research for M.Tech and Ph.D. understudies.

PhD in computer science requires research. So you need to get to know some PhD research topics in computer science to start the journey. Here are 23 topics for your research based on latest trends happening with computer science. .

Cloud Computing

PhD research topic cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the PhD research topics in computer science that is in early stages of innovation. It is a web-based service that makes a common pool of assets for users. There are three service models of cloud computing, in particular:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Attributes of cloud computing are:

  • On-request self-service
  • Wide system get to
  • A mutual pool of assets
  • Versatility
  • Estimated service

Internet of Things(IoT)

PhD research topic Internet of Things

It is an idea of the interconnection of different gadgets, a vehicle to the web. IOT utilize actuators and sensors for moving information to and from the gadgets. This innovation is created for better productivity and exactness separated from limiting human cooperation with the gadgets.

Artificial Intelligence

PhD research topic called artificial intelligence in computer science
PhD research topic in computer science Artifical Intelligenc

Artificial intelligence is also a latest research topic in computer science. It is the knowledge appeared by machines, and it manages and forms keen frameworks that can think and act as individuals. In Artificial Intelligence, intelligent specialists are examined that can see their condition and take activities as per their encompassing condition.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning research topic computer science
Machine Learning is a PhD research topic in Computer Science

It is likewise a generally new idea in the field of computer science and is a system of managing PCs to act with a particular goal in mind without programming. It utilizes explicit complex calculations to get info and foresee a yield for the equivalent.

Quantum Computing

PhD research topic quantum computing
Research topic quantum computing

It is a computing procedure wherein PCs known as quantum PCs utilize the laws of quantum mechanics for preparing data. Quantum Computers are not the same as computerized electronic PCs as in these PCs use quantum bits known as qubits for preparing. Quantum is the flow and the most recent point for research and thesis in computer science. This is somehow a difficult research topic in computer science unless you know some of the basics involved in it.

Semantic Web

Semantic web research topic in computer science
PhD research topic Semantic Web

It is additionally alluded to as Web 3.0 and is the following enormous thing in the field of correspondence. It is institutionalized by World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) to advance standard information configurations and switch conventions over the web. It is machine-meaningful data put together and is worked concerning XML innovation. It very well may be a decent topic for your project and thesis.


MANET is a topic of Computer Science

It represents a portable, specially appointed system. It is a framework less system with cell phones associated remotely and is self-arranging. It can change areas freely and can connect to different gadgets through a remote association.

Blockchain Network

Research on block chain topic
Block Chain Techonology topic in computer science

Block Chain is a highly discussed topic in 2019 and 2020. It can become a good research topic in computer science and your PhD will produce a good thesis. In the blockchain network, the records are open to the network of clients fundamentally; each square has the cryptographically connected association with its past block after approval. The blockchains are continually developing, as indicated by the exchanges and, in this way, being annexed the new block. Each block contains a hash worth concerning the substance of the past block in the blockchain network.

Big Data

Big Data topic for research in computers
Big Data Research Topic

It is a term to signify the huge volume of information which is mind-boggling to deal with. The information might be organized or unstructured. Classified information is a sorted out information while unstructured information is disorderly information. Big data can be inspected for the instinct that can offer an approach to better choices and schematic business moves.

Wireless security

Computer science topic wireless security
Topic Wireless security

It is the counteractive action of unapproved access or harm to PCs utilizing wireless systems. A wireless intuitive security framework is a lot less difficult to introduce than a conventional wired framework. Wireless security upgrade the security of various layer and segments of versatile systems, portable specially appointed systems, wireless sensor systems, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max.

Data Mining

Research topic in PhD about data mining
Data Mining topic in computer science

Data Mining is the way toward recognizing and building up a connection between enormous datasets for finding an answer for an issue through investigation of data. Of course this topic is easy to research in computer science.

 Mobile Edge computing

PhD research topic mobile edge computing
Mobile Edge Computing

Mobile Edge computing framework includes the focal phone workplaces, smaller scale server centers, cloudlets, IoT passages, and some other situations supporting the calculation, privacy, and correspondence assets provisioning close edge gadgets. To help the execution of increasingly potential profitable applications in versatile, Internet-of-Things (IoT) gadgets brings to the table higher transmission capacity, improved dependability, and lower inertness.

Web Services

The utilization of web services has turned out to be boundless as of late. Web services use XML to code and to decrypt data, and SOAP to move it.

Fog Computing

Fog computing research topic computer science
PhD research topic fog computing

The understanding of fog computing has developed contrasted with distributed computing. Fog computing stretches out cloud computing to the edge of the system by giving the information, secrecy, examination, calculation, and application benefits nearer to the end-clients. To handle the exploration imperatives, for example, cloud reachability, security, privacy and preparing offloading, application dormancy, and trust, concentrating on the fog computing examines have turned out to be urgent.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud topic
Mobile Cloud

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) gives the chance to execute the asset serious, versatile applications utilizing bounteous cloud devices in an on-request style. As the expanded usage of the cell phones and cloud-based mobile applications, explores on the MCC have risen. MCC research depends on the interdisciplinary investigation of cloud computing and mobile computing. The present studies and analysis have concentrated on applying cloud computing algorithms for mobile applications.

Wireless Sensor Network

Computer Science topic wireless sensor networks
Wireless Sensor Networks in computer science

Wireless sensor network (WSN) applications commonly include the perception of some physical marvel through the examining of the situation. Mobile wireless sensor systems (MWSNs) are a specific class of WSN in which portability assumes an indispensable job in the execution of the application. This research topic has been taken by many researchers in computer science. So think once before deciding with this topic.

Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Research Topic about vehicular adhoc networks in computer science
Vehicular Adhoc Network topic in computer science

Most vehicles are limited in their scope of movement. Such a system may present security worries; for instance, one can’t securely type an email while driving. GPS and route structures may profit, as they could be incorporated with traffic reports to give the quickest path to work. The future highlights of vehicular ad hoc network systems are thought about.

Data Warehousing

Research topic data warehousing in computer science
Dataware housing topic in computer science

Data Warehousing is the way toward investigating information for business purposes. Data Warehousing center incorporated information from different sources at a single spot which can later be recovered for making reports.

Image Processing

Topic image processing
Image Processing topic in computer science

Image Processing, basic data can be separated from digital pictures. It is a basic territory of research in computer science. Again one of the easiest research topics for your PhD in computer science. I have also seen many of my friends choosing this topic for their PhD degree.


Topic for researching in phd bioinformatics
Research topic bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a field that utilizations different computational strategies and programming devices to break down organic information. In straightforward words, bioinformatics is the field that utilizations PC programming for biological researches.

Intelligent Eye

The point of this research and project is to give the peruser a little diagram of the current procedures in advanced picture handling.

Multicast Routing

Multicast routing topics for research
Multicast Routing topic in computer science for research

Multicasting is a compelling correspondence methodology for supporting multi-point applications over the web. Multicast Routing can be an effective research topic in computer science.

So these are Top 23 Ph.D. Research Topics in Computer Science. You will find more topics on the internet. As time passes, new and inventive improvements are turning out in this period of automation.