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puzzle English
puzzle English

Puzzle English is very necessary to give some work to our mind of logic. I have given puzzle English for the sake of improving your Puzzle English. Below I am giving certain helpful tasks which you can solve easily. Just go through and get yourself how you can do the puzzle and how far you mind can analyze things for future progress. The below given are rare and very good things to know


Make one word into another by changing the first letter.

EXAMPLE: Change a possessive pronoun to not sweet.

ANSWER: your, sour

1- Change a past tense of BE to an adverb of place.

2- Change an adjective meaning not high to an adverb meaning at the present time.

3- Change a period of time to a term of affection.

4- Change was seated to have a meal.

5- Change a part of the head to international strike.

6- Change a respectful title to atmosphere.

7- Change to learn thoroughly to not as slow.

8- Change very warm to a negative adverb.

9- Change a motor vehicle to not near.

10- Change a man’s title to a female relative.


Change one letter of each word to produce the name of an animal.

Example: ax-ox









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Put T before a word to form a new word.

EXAMPLE: Add a T to a firearm and get a thing of little value.

ANSWER: rifle, trifle

1- Add T to at this place, and get at that place.

2- Add T to a covering for the head, and get a demonstrative adjective.

3- Add T to tear, and get a journey.

4- Add T to a possessive pronoun, and get a demonstrative adjective.

5- Add T to a part of the head, and get to pull apart.

6- Add T to of great age, and get narrated.

7- Add T to a mistake, and get great fear.

8- Add T to the entire amount, and get of great height.

9- Add T to a shower from the sky, and get to teach.

10- Add T to a kind of vase, and get to rotate.


Make one word into another by changing the last letter.

EXAMPLE: Change a color to a welcome.

ANSWER: green, greet

1- Change a monarch to an adjective describing a good quality.

2- Change a negative to the present time.

3- Change a female horse to a stain or blemish.

4- Change alarm or worry to a notable achievement.

5- Change a reading process to a short dramatic act.

6- Change a person who lacks good judgment to something to eat.

7- Change a unit of weight to a color.

8- Change a part of a plant to a hole or a crack.

9- Change the top or summit of a mountain to a fruit.

10- Change a woman servant to what is delivered by the postal service.

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Find the animals hiding in the following sentences.

EXAMPLE: Close the door at once! (rat)

1- That will be a real help.

2- She came late every day.

3- He came to America today.

4- Eric owes me ten cents.

5- We made errors in each one.

6- Do good workers succeed?

7- If I shout, he’ll hear me.

8- If Roger comes, we’ll begin.

9- We will go at two o’clock.

10- Is he the sixth or seventh?

11- In April I only came once.

12- I’ll sing; you hum on key.

13- I made a Xerox copy of it.

14- She clothes naked babies.

15- At last, I, Gerald, had won.

16- Was Pilar mad, ill, or glad?

17- That man ate eleven cookies.

18- Your comb is on the table.

19- We’re sending only one book.

20- He regrets having said that.

21- If Al concentrates, he’ll win.

22- When I withdrew, Al rushed in.

23- He called Mikko a lazy boy.

24- It’s only a kilometer away.


Find the name of a color hidden in each sentence:

1- Some parts of the face are the eye, eyebrow, nose, and mouth.

2- I’m not really dumb; lack of sleep made me forget the answers.

3- If I tell you what she said, will you agree never to tell anyone?

4- In the box we found a pencil, a pin, keys, and a few coins.

5- Are three zeros enough to write the number one thousand?

6- The wheelbarrow hit eleven rocks as it rolled down the hill.

7- When the nurse gives you the injection, just yell “Ow” if it hurts.

8- Elsa and Otto ran gently down the path to the river.

9- Before arriving at Kuala Lumpur, please fill out these forms.

10- I play nearly all the stringed instruments: violin, cello, bass viol, etc.

11- When I opened the window, shining rays of sunlight flooded the room.

12- We’ll go in Jim’s car. Let’s leave at six o’clock.



1- were-here

2- low-now

3- year-dear

4- sat-eat

5- ear-war

6- sir-air

7- master-faster

8- hot-not

9- car-far

10- mister-sister


1- here-there

2- hat-that

3- rip-trip

4- his-this

5- ear-tear

6- old-told

7- error-terror

8- all-tall

9- rain-train

10- urn-turn


1. cat

2. mouse

3. goat

4. lamb

5. pig

6. hen

7 calf

8. bear


1- king-kind

2- not-now

3- mare-mark

4- fear-feat

5- skim-skit

6- fool-food

7- gram-gray

8- leaf-leak

9- peak-pear

10- maid-mail


1- bear

2- camel

3- cat

4- cow

5- deer

6- dog

7- fish

8- frog

9- goat

10- horse

11- lion

12- monkey

13- ox

14- snake

15- tiger

16- armadillo

17- manatee

18- bison

19- dingo

20- egret

21- falcon

22- walrus

23- koala

24- yak


1- brown

2- black

3- green

4- pink

5- rose

6- white

7- yellow

8- orange

9- purple

10- violet

11- gray

12- scarlet

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