rabindranath tagore

rabindranath tagore
rabindranath tagore

Born  – 1861 in Calcutta
Died  – 1941 in  Calcutta

Educaiton:  University of Calcutta, University college of London, St.Xavier’s Collegiate School.

Worked as: Short story writer, song composer, novelist, playwright, essayist and painter.

Writings:  Chitra, Gora, The Crescent moon, The Gardener

Awards:  Nobel prize in Literature, 1913. It must be a thing of beauty of rabindranath tagore that he got so many prizes and appreciation and love from all India for his eminent works through out. It is a time to revere our great poet who is a corner stone for Indian Poetry. He got revolution in all ways and it is to give certain things a kind of new joy and happiness to the philosophy.  His philosophy is quite impressive and not able to maintain things in a way to answer and give life. He got many awards in India and abroad and where ever he went here and there.  He could give his collaboration to many other countries outside India. He gives every penny of contribution living a life of piety and he is very philosophical and a person who loves nature and can write poetry in terms of nature and love. He is quite interpretative person and he likes to mingle and culminate his poetry style to the base of nature.


There are many symbols in Gitanjali.

Human body is  compared to frail vessel. God fills this vessel with fresh life.

A little “flute of reeds”, “melodies” These are  very significant intended to sound out the divine melody that captivates the entire creation of Lord.

He compares himself with a flower and prays to God to pluck it and use for divine service.

He compares Sword as a Bolt form the sky. God is a constant companion of man. Life is never lost.

It exists in the continuous process of birth death and rebirth

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