Ramanujan Lesson Btech First Year English

Sinificant = forceful
formal = lawful
foremost = front
succinctly = summarily
reasoned = decide
cannons = big
accustomed = adapted
recent = contemporary
christened = bless
promising = able
consequently = therefore
bleak = blank
genesis = birth
misleading = false
compilation = aggregating
abridged = abstract
propositions = invitation

diligently = inactively
lucid = unclear
exhaustive = incomplete
ironically = logical
influence = powerlessness
simultaneously = singly
elaborate = normal
intriguing = disinterestedness
immense = little
precarious = stable
alumnus = undegraduate
patrons = enemy
prolific = barren
dominated = submit
exceptional = common
acumen = ignorance
stauch = undependable
copious = lacking
anticipation = amazement
prodigious = little
conjecture = fact
intuition = knowledge
coherent = incomprehensible
succinctly = at length
espoused = forsake
arcne = common

2.1. What was unique about the achievements in mathematics by Ramanujan?
Ans: Ramanujan had no formal training in pure mathematics. He started his mathematical research in isolation out of his sheer love
for the subject

2. What were the problems Ramanujan faced while pusuing his college studies?
Ans:Ramanujan faced the problem of concentration in other subjects. He was obsessed with mathematics all the time. He could not do
well in other subjects and tasted failure in kumbakonam’s college.

3. Which book initially influnenced Ramanujan and sparked love o mathematic in him?

Ans:A synopsis of elementary results in pure and applied mathematics. The book was written by George Shoobridge Carr.

4. When confronted with paucity of resources, name teh person from the mathematical society of Madras who helped Ramanujan?
Ans: Ramanujan was helped by Diwan Bahadur R Rama Chandra Rao, the collector of Nellore, who served as th secretary of Indian
matehmatical society

5. For his living, in which company did Ramanujan work as a clerk during 1912-13?
Ans: Ramanujan worked as a clerk in Madras Port Trust.

7. What was the reaction to Ramanujan’s letter to Hardy in Cambridge circles?
Ans: Hardy studied the letters sent by Ramanujan and one evening discussed about it with littlewood. After many discussions, they
camme to a conslusion that the writer had an exceptional acumen in mathematics. They also understood that Ramanujan was not aware of
formal and basic tools needed to be a seasoned mathematician

8.WHo was Hardy’s partner in Cambridege ans waht did they do together?
Ans.Hardy’s partner in cambridge was J.E.Littlewood. Together they wrote over 100 papers on mathematical topics

9. In the beginning what stopped Ramanujan to travel across sea to England on Hardy’s cal?
Hardy sent a formal invitaiton Ramanujan to come to England to study at Cambridge and continue his research. Ramanujan’s mother
founded him to cross the ocean to go to England.

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