Recommendation letter

Recommendation Letter

recommendation letter
recommendation letter

Recommendation letter comes when  you want to recommend some one for some thing that is the time we need the format of recommendation letter should be formed


Dear Search Committee Chair,

I am writing this letter for Mr. John Smith who has applied for a position in your department. I should start by saying that I cannot recommend him too highly.

In fact, there is no other student with whom I can adequately compare him, and I am sure that the amount of mathematics he knows will surprise you.

His dissertation is the sort of work you don’t expect to see these days. It definitely demonstrates his complete capabilities.

In closing, let me say that you will be fortunate if you can get him to work for you.


A. D. Visor (Prof.)

Recommendation letter sample


To whom it may concern ,

As the teacher of mathematics I myself personally have known this my student for about 4 years. In the course of this time, in all respects he could show his best social attitude to his environment.

Being highly motivated and showing sparkling examples of a progressive person he has the perfect ability to express and share his ideas with his friends well, both written and verbally.

I strongly believe that he will be able to adapt himself to a new culture and try to benefit all the given opportunities as the exchange student .As far as I know him he is the kind of a student who could easily communicate with the people who present the other cultures and social lives.

Whom I consider to be the most energetic person in our school, there is no doubt, is Smith. He especially likes playing some kinds of sport as: basketball, soccer, table tennis.

He has participated in the summer camp and was chosen as a counselor of his cabin. He, together with his friends organizes the volunteer aid to old-aged people like cleaning the backyards, streets and houses.

At the University he is known as an active organizer of the different clubs.

Moreover he is a chief editor of the University’s outstanding magazine “College Press”.

I strongly recommend Smith to be chosen as the mature participant of this program.I truly believe he will be successful and wish him all the best.


John Wayne

The head of Math Department

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