Riddles and Answers

riddles and answers

riddles and answers
riddles and answers

Riddles and answers give us a great time pass and at the same time learning right English. It is a fun activity combined with learning. Here I am giving funny riddles targeting your English Language

good riddles

 What’s the most colorful state of U.S.A.?

Ans:  Color-ado.

The greatest colorful and nice state in United States is  COLORADO. We call this popularly due to many causes. The colorful state is so widely recognized as a riddle. Riddles in USA are very popular and more over there are many color related riddles and this is one. This What do you mean by most. It means the highest. The greatest color. Usually the state that strikes is Color-ado. This is how it forms as a riddle. So make sure if someone asked this question as which is the colorful state of United States then you can tell simply it is Colorad.

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