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Short Play Script

short play script

short play script


Sometimes we need special and unique Short Play Script  to attract audience. If we  give scripts always routine type, then we cannot claim for good Short Play Script. Here I am giving with all my hard work the best Short Play Script with all requirements of characters.

Hotel Splendido

Scene: The reception desk at a hotel in England

Characters: The receptionist, an English tourist

The tourist arrives at the reception desk; he is wearing shorts and a very bright, multi- coloured shirt.

Receptionist: Good afternoon, sir. Welcome to the Hotel Splendido.

Tourist: Thank you.

Receptionist: Pointing at the tourist) Good heavens! Look at that!

Tourist: (Alarmed) What? Look at what?

(The receptionist indicates the tourist’s shirt.)

Receptionist: Your shirt!

Tourist: My shirt?

Receptionist: Yes!

Tourist: Do you like it?

Receptionist: No!

Tourist: No?

Receptionist: No, It’s horrible.

Tourist: I beg your pardon?

Receptionist: It’s horrible! But for you, it’s a good shirt,

Tourist: Thank you.

Receptionist: Because when people look at you, they look at the shirt.

Tourist: I know.

Receptionist: And that’s good – because if they look at the shirt, they don’t look at the shorts.

Tourist: What?

Receptionist: And the shorts are really horrible.

Tourist: Now, listen. I didn’t come here to be insulted by you.

Receptionist: Oh, you want somebody else to do it, (Calling) Hey, George, come here for a minute!

Tourist: Stop! Look, I want to book a room.

Receptionist: Book a room?

Tourist: Yes. Have you got one?

Receptionist: What? A book or a room?

Tourist: A room! Have you got a room?

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Receptionist: Yes, we’ve got lots of rooms. It’s a big hotel.

Tourist: Yes, but have you got a room free?

Receptionist: Free?

Tourist: Yes.

Receptionist: No! You have to pay for it!

Tourist: I mean, Have you got a room with no one in it?

Receptionist: I don’t know.

Tourist: Well, can you have a look in the book?

Receptionist: Pardon?

Tourist: Have a look in the book.

Receptionist: A look in the book?

Tourist: Yes. Have a look in the book.

Receptionist: OK.

(The receptionist picks up the guest registration book, opens it, looks quickly at it and closes it again.)

Receptionist: OK. I’ve had a look in the book.

Tourist: And what do you think?

Receptionist: It’s a nice book.

Tourist: Look! Have you got a room, or haven’t you?

Receptionist: OK, OK. OK!

(The receptionist looks at the book again.)

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Receptionist: Yes, we’ve got a room.

Tourist: Good.

Receptionist: A single room.

Tourist: No good, I need a double room

Receptionist: Ah yes, for you and your shirt.

Tourist: No! For me and my wife. She’s arriving this evening.

Receptionist: Ah (Looking at the book again)

Yes. we’ve got a double room.

Tourist: Good! How much is it?

Receptionist: How much?

Tourist: Yes

Receptionist: (Demonstrating with her arms) It’s about this long and about this wide and about this


Tourist: No! Not how big, how much?

Receptionist: Ah! Ten pounds.

Tourist: Ten pounds.

Receptionist: Yes. Ten pounds for you, ten pounds for your wife, and fifty pounds for the horrible shirt.

Tourist: Fifty pounds for the shirt?! That’s ridiculous!

Receptionist: It’s a ridiculous shirt!

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Tourist: Now you listen to me. I don’t like your attitude.

Receptionist: I don’t like your shirt,

Tourist: I’m going to complain to the manager.

Receptionist: She’s not here.

Tourist: Where is she?

Receptionist: In hospital.

Tourist: In hospital? Oh dear. Did she have an accident?

Receptionist: Not exactly. She had dinner in the hotel.

Tourist: Well, I would just like to say that you are the most unhelpful, the most unpleasant, the

worst receptionist that I have met in my life.

Receptionist: (Pleased) Thank you very much.

Tourist: And I am going to report you to the manager!

Receptionist: Fine. Shall I give you the phone number of the hospital?

Tourist: Right, that’s enough! My wife and I are not going to stay at this hotel, I’ll go and book a

room at the hotel next door.

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Receptionist: OK. See you there.

Tourist: Pardon?

Receptionist: I’ll see you there.

Tourist: What?

Receptionist: This is my last day at this hotel. I lost my job this morning, I start work tomorrow at

the hotel next door.

Tourist: (Leaving) Oh, no!

Receptionist: See you tomorrow!