Similes are one of the figures of speech which is used to compare one thing to another and to make the same comparison to look more clear and vivid. In short we use similes as a method of applying comparison. In this way to take care of our language skills to be enhanced in a more emphatic way.

Example of Simile

The toy looks cute as a cat.
John is busy in his missionary work as busy as a bee.
Our lives are like a box of cakes.
He runs as agile as a deer.
His skin tone is as dark as coal.
My love for you is like a rose flower.
They quarreled like cats and dogs.
He looks very strong like a bull.
The ball is solid like a ground we are on.
His behavior is different as night and day.
He loves her as deep as an ocean.
It ,looks to be as cold as of ice.
His temper is always as cool as cucumber.
The player looks as tall as giraffe.
The curry tastes as sweet as sugar.
The snack is as tough as tails.
My teacher acts like a Hitler in the class.
He is as cunning as a fox.

The above similes refurbishes your language skills. They offer a great variety of output whiles speaking the language. It enhances language skills. If you give an example of simile, the listener would be more interested in your conversation. He could listen to you in a more interesting way. Speaking English involves lot of skill. It is not just speaking that will attract the listener but by using different figures of speech and one of which is simile.

Meaning of Simile

The meaning of Simile is more understood by common man. The meaning straightly strikes like a sword. I hope I have use simile in the above sentence. So use them and speak beautiful language.

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