How to Give Speech on an India Republic Day 2019

Today is a Day of Celebration. Republic Day reminds us of the constitution which came into force. This year must be a year of great reminder because we need to think lot of development through out the country since the republic day. For the past several years we have been pondering different aspects and we improved ourselves and now our country can proudly say that we are marching towards success. Republic means some thing related with public and society. Public always want some development. So celebrating republic day means celebrating our progress in the country through out all the years and also this speech on republic day must remind of future progress too.

This day is also a day to remember about all our national leaders. There were many men sacrificed for the constitution. The most renowned national leaders did their best for the development of our country. So this is a great time to think of their sacrifice for our country. They had gone out of their way to make this day as we celebrate to be republic day. So it is our duty to notice all such great efforts put by them.

Republic day 2019 Speech

Republic Day must teach us learn some new things in life. Celebration means we need to also make ourselves effective by serving this country in our life. So today we will concentrate on our minds and hearts and recollect our past mistakes. Let us change today and love our country more than ever to work for its progress. Let us stay far from our criminal activities and respect our constitution. We need to take this pledge on this day. In this 21 century we need to improve in lots of angles. So let us become good day by day.

As a conclusion we will make this day as a great memorable day. This day is a day to cherish and think about all our constitution and respect it. We must live an exemplary lives in the coming days. This way we can really become part of our country. We can proudly say ” We are Indians”

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