Spoken English

Spoken English

spoken english
Spoken English

As English Language becomes globally used, many of us are in need to improve our fluency in English. But as time goes by, most of us are still shy to speak up our ideas and still awkwardly avoided spoken English whether it is with our colleague or with natives. These several useful tips can be used for spoken English as daily guidance for you if you want to improve your speaking skills.

Practice frequently

English language has no differences with any other skill which need requirement to be used as frequent as possible. So, if you want to improve your speaking skill, there is no other way except make it as daily habit. Practicing English din daily activity will be interesting if you put a little creativity on it. Despite in formal conversation, in fact not all of our partner will be listening to our grammar carefully. You just need to make sure that the idea of your sentences is delivered, thus your partner can reciprocate it well. You can practice your English with your friend whether it is on campus office or even your family at home. Chose several hours a week and make agreement with them you will never respond a single conversation with them unless all of you using English as common language.

Don’t forget to make it as fun as possible. When making mistake laugh out loud and ridicule yourself. But, after that you must remember your mistakes and do not make the same mistakes. If you are learning it with your friend, take a review on it together, write down new or difficult vocabulary and make sure you use it severely. By practicing this method regularly your brain will be accustomed to this new habit. And you will find that it is easy to practicing English.

Record everything

Beside you write down your dialogue on exercising with friend, you can record the audio record for each other. When it play backed, focus on your pronunciation, sentence and vocabulary that you used for the conversation. If it is necessary ask your friend or colleague which has better English conversation to supervise yours. He or she can give useful advice to improve your skill.

Secondly, you can join community or online sites which provide you a place for practicing English with other member. Combine your conversation in this community with the one that you have already done with your friend. Compare the result and keep practicing. Within a month you will be amazed with your progress, if you keep exercise regularly.

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