B TECH 1st YEAR ENGLISH study material

b tech 1st year english study material

Non Detail:  Click below links to get all b tech 1st year english study material and keys to all the exercises in  details. This b tech 1st year english study material is new syllabus introduced from 2017. So on internet there are many old syllabus. Do not use such material You will be lead wrongly. So make sure you use the below links to get the updated material of b tech 1st year english study material 2017 syllabus.

APJ Abdul Kalam

CV Raman

Homi Jehangir Bhabha

Do all the exercises to get enough output in every way. This year the paper also includes all the activity questions. You need to write all short and long answer and fill in the blanks also. So this b tech 1st year English study material can be used for even semester exam. For all updates  you have to check the updates later. Soon I will be preparing complete update of semester questions which are very important.

b tech 1st year english grammar

Also the links given above will be updated as time comes. For now the material is useful up to which it supposed to be used. So come here regularly to see easy output on both the books The greatest resource. The great scientists. This way you are on your way to bring things into real learning values. These values will help you. Finally it is important to know that  your all education must lead to good character values.

btech 1st year English model paper

That is why one poet says that  Character is destiny when you want to learn something which is very precious. So giving a thought once to this point is necessary from every btech student when they pursue their studies for good career.

Expected Important questions for end semester 2

What was the imporatance of the success of the SLV Project?
Describe how education is the greatest resource.
What were the difficulties faced by Raman at Indian Institute of Science?
Describe the work that got Raman a Noble prize.
What Meson Theory. Explain in Brief
Note the contributions of Homi Jehangir Bhabha.
Expalin 3 stages of development?
Describe how cultural shock is caused. What are the feelings of a person who is affected by cultural shock?
Why is called Abdul Kalam called the ‘Missile Man’ of India? Name a few awards that Kalam won.
List possible to clear the dilemma that the layman has in his mind? If yes, how can we clear it? If no, why can’t we clear the dilemma?

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