To 10 Universities in Sweden to do PhD and Masters Courses

These are my top 10 Universities in Sweden for PhD.

  1. The Lulea University of Technology.
  2. Linkoping University
  3. Lund University.
  4. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
  5. Uppsala University.
  6. Swedish University of Agricultural and Sciences.
  7. Emea Universities.
  8. Karolinska Institute.
  9. Stockholm University.

Sweden is deemed to be a perfect destination for each international students who would wish to pursue their PhD and Master’s degree. Based on the latest academic ranking of its world-class ranking then this is one of the best destinations that is regarded as the way forward.

Sweden is a nation that is endowed with a well-crafted academic structure that you can consider traveling to. Modern-Day Sweden is well endowed with a sense of justice and fairness creating a suitable environment where one can opt to study from. It’s also characterized by a public funding health care.

If you are An EU students then your school fees are likely to be subsidized. This is what makes studying in Sweden for your PhD. a right move that you can actually consider.

Having a high number of universities that fills among the top 1% from the world ranking makes Sweden a country that you can actually consider moving too. Here are the top 10 University in Sweden that you can consider for your PhD. program.

Lund University

Lund University opens up our page on the top ten universities that you can consider studying from in Sweden. This the oldest and most prestigious university in Sweden which falls in position 78 according to the 2048 university ranking. Most of the international students who do prefer moving to Sweden for higher education usually consider this university as their number one choice. This is attributed to the fact that has over 100 international Ph.D. programs and research programs that it offers. For those who would wish to perform a research or a Ph.D. program in Sweden then specializing in the following areas you will get the best environmental science, finance, nursing and hospitality, and leisure management. This is because the university is ranked among the top in the following subjects.

Student Life.

The university an incredible and enticing student life thanks to the charming medieval town of Lund where the university is located. This city has got a vast number of student groups making it secure and fit for the students. Medieval university town offers a rich history and cultural heritage that students can enjoy. There is also plenty of activities and events that are usually performed in a Medieval town making it the best town that one can live in. Lund is located 10 minutes away from the large city Maemo and 35 minutes from the international airport in Copenhagen. This is of doubt the greatest hub for one to travel across Europe and Sweden at large.

International Student.

If you are an international student Lund University has a global environment where students gain a multicultural perspective and get the chance to network with people from all around the globe. The main objective of international programs is to provide an open and informal study experience.

Financial Aid.

The university provides international funding for research purposes aimed for those who are pursuing research programs especially masters and Ph.D. This funding is usually provided in form of scholarships and they are strictly merit-based scholarships. Thus if you are aiming to pursue your Ph.D. and you are facing some financial constraints then this is the right University to choose in Sweden. When you are offered with a student loan from US, UK, and Canada you can also apply to join the university.

The best major Programs offered at this university.

If you are planning on specializing in the following programs ten Lund University is the best that you can consider.

  1. Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology.
  2. School of Economics and management
  3. Humanities.
  4. Science Programs.


The indicative fee in Lund University is usually calculated annually and it’s in terms of the US dollar. Overall if you are an international student who is pursuing a postgraduate program then you are likely to spend between $ 12000 – $ 14000 and domestic students are likely to spend $ 2000.

KTH, Royal Institute of technology

KTH, Royal Institute of technology is regarded as the best international polytechnic university across Europe. It’s also recognized as a key center of innovation and intellectual talents across Europe. For technological research purpose then this is the university that you can consider going for. KTH, Royal Institute of technology is the best for those who are pursuing Ph.D. degrees in engineering and architecture. Its reputation in academic excellence makes it be one of the most attractive universities that one can consider pursuing any technological research program of his choice. For a postgraduate program, the international student will have to cough an amount ranging between $ 18000 and $ 20000. For domestic student then you will have to cough $ 2000. When applying for a postgraduate program you must note that the fee might change at any time.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is a comprehensive university that is dedicated to international research purposes. Appearing among the top 100 universities in world ranking makes this one of the best universities that you can consider when it comes to pursuing a Ph.D. The most fascinating thing about Uppsala University is that it is the home of 3 scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize. It has got a wide range of scholarship opportunities to allow people to pursue the Ph.D. Despite the financial constraints that one might be facing. It’s also known for its stringent academic demands making it one of the best for the top performing students. It has got a vibrant cultural setting that is dated from the past centuries which makes it one of the best universities that one can actually consider.

It offers a wide range of Ph.D. programs but when you want to carry out research on engineering and technology field then this is the best University that you can actually consider. If you need to get a quality education giving you access to the latest research findings then this is the university that you can opt to go to. Uppsala University accepts international students who pay about $ 14000 – $ 16000. While the domestic do pay about $ 2000

Swedish University of agricultural and sciences

Are you wondering how you can pursue your studies? There is one university in Sweden that will offer you a good number of agricultural and science courses. SLU, a university that was established around 1977, has numerous disciplines set from agricultural departments, others from forestry while others in veterinary departments. The courses offered range from bachelors through to Ph.D. and are highly profiled. The availability of profession advisers puts your life at the school to easy as a student, also that they give you direction whenever you need to join the institution.

Are you planning to study from SLU University, then you should be assured of full support academically, and socially. The university has gone to a higher level to provide extra support to students with a disability. There is enough accommodation, you only need to choose the one that fits you timely.

Your health at SLU University is well protected. There is a Learner health center that serves all the stud3eents within the institution. In this center, you will receive medical advice and also emergency support. You are assured for all-purpose medical attention from district health center which is connected to the university health center.

This university has three campuses at Uppsala, Alnarp, and Umea, all have the best learning environment with high-grade learning and research. There are also learners unions that you can join performing numerous roles amongst them student representations.

Emea Universities

Emea universities are a group of universities established under the EMEA regions. Emea region includes Europe, the African region and the Middle East regions. These universities are; the University of Cape town, Exeter University, Sussex University, University of Nairobi, Cambridge University, Bristol University, Southampton University, the Manchester University, Aberdeen University, Loughborough University, imperial college of London.

Working, studying or volunteering at these universities is always acceptable and recommendable.

Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute is one of the best learning places you can choose to go when you intend to study medical courses. Established for military purposes, the university is located in Sweden and has two campuses. The first campus is Solna and is situated within the city center of Stockholm. The other campus is called Huddinge and is located southern sides of Stockholm. The institution specifically trains medical students. There are a number of international; students mostly at the Karolinska campus. The programs offered include; nursing, optometry, and dentistry. You will be required to be knowledgeable in Swedish for you to join the institution since this is the language used to for teaching. However, there is an option for you as you will go through an intensive class session for 3 days learning the Swedish language. In this university, you will be able to carry out the research in your field of study and the supervision of experienced professors who have received the Nobel Prize as a result of their excellent works. The overall population of students in the institute is 7786 with 1374. The institute also employs international staff. It has produced 1333 master degree awards and 359 doctorates. What a great achievement! The university has a good ranking in the region and globally.

Stockholm University

This is the largest university in Sweden and one of the best places you will receive a quality education in Europe. There is numerous research in different disciplines including humanities, sciences and even law. This university is located at the city center of Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. The university offers a series of courses, over 70, at master level with a well-networked alumni forum. The university has modeled prime people such as the former prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme. Others include FuglesangChrister the Swedish Astronaut, Papandreou Georgios –the former prime minister of Greek and former U.N secretary general, Carl Bildt.

University of Gothenburg

This is one of the oldest university found at Gothenburg in Sweden, founded in 1891. Studying at this university will connect you well-qualified trainers and will offer you a wide arrange of courses som4e which would not be available at any other university. The research here is intensive with a number of latest tools and methods employed. Being at the heart of Gothenburg city, you will be able to receive all kinds of resources you need to achieve your Ph.D. Studying in this university will give4 you an opportunity to meet a number of great minds who have also gone through the same system under the alumni platform. The university is exposed to a number of industries which can be the best fields to conduct your research, in this industries, you can have an opportunity to work at the same time pursuing your studies thus self-supporting your needs. Some of the companies available are; Volvo, Stena, among others.

The Lulea University of Technology

The University of Lulea was started in the year 1971. It stands out to among the best learning institutions in Sweden having advanced its research methods. The tools of delivery in this university are admirable as they are the latest one. They have impressed modern technology with the availability of electronic microscopes, acoustically coupled with robotic labs, labs for mineral surface reactions, powerful laser labs, and also they contain machines for deep drilling.

Some of the facilities you would enjoy using at the main campus are language lab, computer centers for that students and even a sports hall. There is another campus at Pitea where you will find the school of music. This institution is modernized to an extent that the music school has the facilities that will see you enjoy your career. These are the state of art lab for sound engineering, organ theaters, and the performance hall. How do you find your way to the main campus? You any need to cover three miles to reach the campus while at the down twin of Lulea.

The advantage of studying from this university is that it is located at Lulea city center. This center is just near the point river Lulea flows to Bothnia gulf. This place where you need to visit and enjoy the nature scenario is called peninsula. For the lovers of basketball and hockey, this city is the best place to recreate yourself.

Linkoping University

One of the universitie4s that are relatively young in Sweden but with excellent performance is Linkoping University. This institution of higher learning was founded in1970. Currently, the total number of students is around 20,000 with about 2057 faculties. This university has collaborated with the business world to [provide services that satisfy the learners fully. Graduating from this institution, research shows that there is a high possibility of winning a job as compared to students from other universities. This is because the graduates from this campus are more brilliant and productive. The university has welcomed a teacher-student interlink. Here students are free to reach their lecturers for consultations and the lecturers are more free and welcoming.

There are numerous programs offered in this university from bachelors through to Ph.D. level. Some of the programs offered are;

  • Programs in engineering which include aeronautics engineering among others.
  • Programs in the social sciences and also humanities department. Programs here are the business administrations and also study in the migration studies.
  • Programs in the field of natural science.

The university also has a wide a well-established alumni forum with prominent people who have gone through the environment. One of them is the chairman Volvo and BP, Carl –Henric Svanberg. One of the biggest industries you will be exposed while studying from this university is the Siemens.

You only need to pay a fee of between SEK 80,000 and SEK 136,000 per year for you to be enrolled in Linkoping University. Intake usually takes place between mid-October and mid-January.

Tips to consider when you are selecting the right university

A journey to achieving your Ph.D. is a long one which requires you to plan properly before starting. You may have all the resources needed but you end up not getting your best. One of the precautions you need to take for you to have the best doctoral or study in a conducive environment is by choosing the right university. Some university will create the best atmosphere for you achieve your dreams while others create a frustrating environment which will see you demoralized. Some universities have less equipment for research leading to more struggles. The following as some of the factors you should consider before picking a university for you to pursue your Ph.D. course.

  1. Choice of the subject.

Before you even think of choosing a university, you have to choose the right subject to pursue. Choosing a wrong course is the worst mess you can end yourself. You will waste your precious time studying something you have no desire which has a number of impacts. One, you will not pass as you don’t have an interest. A wrong course will lead to poor jobs options which you may not choose doing.

Spend your time analyzing your subject finding the possible jobs available, the salaries, and also remember to obey the law of ambition.

  1. Have the knowledge of university rankings

University rankings vary. Some will rank according to a number of programs available, some according to tools and facilities while others will rank according to the number of staff. You need to rank the university according to you the ratio of students to staff. A low student-staff ratio indicates that there is enough staff to attend to students. This means that you can easily consult thus understanding better.

iii.    Seek information on the kind of library

As a scholar, you will spend your life seeking information. The best place to find ideas in the library. You need to find out if the library is decent and well equipped. A good library also will be open any time you feel visiting.

  1. Review course content.

The most university will post their course content on their website. Spare your time to check if it fits you. It should contain your specific area of study. You can consult the university for elaboration in case you miss to understand some information.

  1. Seek for recreational information

Will be reading books all the time and attending lectures? Well, I understand that Ph.D. requires enough attention. However, you need some fun too at least refresh yourself. Find out the university has sports societies or clubs. Your hobby cannot be depressed.

  1. Know the kind of accommodation available

Staying away from home sometimes can be challenging. In such cases, you need to find the best place that you will carry out your personal activities such as washing, cooking and even sleeping. You need to find out if the accommodation is shared or everyone has a room. By doing so, you prepared yourself to meet new people with different characters from your family members.

Why you should select Sweden as your choice of study country

Sweden is a country that you will admire to study from either as a local or as an international student. The following reasons;

  • Centralization of creativity as you are required to thinks independently and contribute to the solutions of the societal problems through innovation without relying on others’ ideas.
  • Challenging nature of the coursework. In Sweden, you are challenged to actively participate in changing society by speaking out your ideas. You are not allowed to just passively listen to other people’s ideas without challenging what comes your way.
  • There are sustainable growth and suitable environment. Y6ou will be trained on how to keep sustainable development and environmental protection through proper energy use.
  • Centralized equality and diversity. Irrespective of gender, race, physical fitness, Sweden views all people as equal and [protects the rights of the students.
  • Acquire knowledge on a global career. Learning from Sweden will expose to a number of interns which will put you a potential to learn real-world issues.
  • You enjoy life as an international student as all speak English, there is good public transport, are able to work, a clean and safe country.