Teachers Day Speech

Teachers day speech

teachers day speech
teachers day speech

A teacher is the one who promotes the growth of the society. A teacher enhances the capabilities all over world by instilling knowledge to the youth. So celebrating this day is a kind of joy and happiness to many of us. It is a day of honor and a day of joy for everyone who wants to say hats off for the service rendered by an each teacher. Teacher is the heart of the developed society and the corner stone for every student who aims to be a good citizen. So therefore honouring a teacher means respecting the whole nation.

Teacher helps everyone to build a better society. He or She helps to reach the goals set for the rapid progress of a country Teacher gives and formulates best scientists, doctors , engineers and Accountants and many more which are the corner stones of a developed society. All development start from a teacher and ends .

So today, I address all of you to remember the importance of a teacher in a special way and make a kind of respectful devotion towards all the teachers. They hold the dictum of service along with them and take forward the aims and goals of  a better society. Teacher helps to build a society where everyone lives a happy life both professionally and personally.

So let us march forward by paying heed to the guide lines given by a teacher and shape our lives. Let us march forward by applying all of the theories given by our teachers in our day today life and enjoy the fruits reaped by it. Let us march forward to redesign our lives spiritually, mentally and physically and psychologically.

Over all development and progress are very important for any country in order to build a better society. So it is our duty to build a better society.  Listening and Obeying to a teacher means practising to what is said by the teacher.

So on this teachers day speech, We will concentrate and recollect on how far are we able to apply what is taught and further aim for a better society. It is a time recollection and retreat ourselves towards a better personality.

Celebrating teachers day means celebrating our own progress and development. Celebration teacher day means celebrating our future. So this day is very special to think of what we are to the society and also of the services offered by all teachers around the globe. This day has to change all other days ahead and make us fine personalities where there is truth and happiness. Truth makes us free and knowledge brings us the truth. So this knowledge is imparted by a teacher.

Let us conclude by  remembering all the services of a teacher who is for us and of us. Thank you all.

Author: Shyam Reddy


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