Having done TESOL, we are internationally recognized to teach English to the students of other languages. So it is always better option for any English teacher to have this qualification besides any other course. This course will surely enhance ones skills to the level of success.

Teaching is a noble profession.  It fails miserably when a teacher fails to rise in higher qualification. As I believe, that there are no bad students only bad teachers. However, a suitable qualification like TESOL for a teacher enhances value of teaching as well that of the teacher globally.


  1. BEFITTING TOOL: In Knowing the ways and means a tool can be used is the first step to love the tool and consider it as a pride possession. Every profession is successful only because of knowing to use the tool in a correct way. TESOL is but a befitting tool to any teacher as to how to teach English language to any foreigner effectively.
  2. CONFIDENCE: Curriculum of this is a power packed one with right methodology to instill confidence enormously in a teacher to teach English language to its foreigner.
  3. RECOGNITION: TESOL offers recognition to any teacher who successfully does the course with a certificate valued across the Globe. It adds a vivid perspective to an individual who does this course making an individual distinctive among his/her peers.
  4. REWARDING: TESOL is a rewarding experience while taking the course and post the course attributing to one, an excellence in teaching and learning process. Of course, the institution he/she serves gives him/her the monitory benefits.
  5. GLOBAL ACCLAMATION: Teachers when enhance their teaching skills, they grow into Trainers. Nevertheless, to augment the process, TESOL adds more worth to a graduating trainer in the process.
  6. CAREER MAKING: TESOL certification appends additional value to the trainer and thus making him/her highly sought mentor. It dawns new vistas before an individual who does the course. Nevertheless, it also serves an eye opener to an English Language Teacher as to what all the mistakes committed over the years mentoring the students with wrong teaching methods.

Being TESOL certified is a lifetime achievement. It gives a cherishing experience when the students graduating from us move up the corporate ladders and settle down in life. Further, it gives a scope to do little more research from a different level of teaching English language.

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