Thank you speech By Mr.Joseph

Note of Gratitude

“What thanks can I render Thee my Lord for all the gifts thou has bestowed on me?”

Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

“Gratitude is the attitude of a person that wells up from within”

On the behalf of all the community of JMJ gathered here I take the honour of proposing these words of gratitude for making this day a most memorable one.

At the outset,

I thank God the Almighty for his benevolence bestowed upon our beloved sisters all throughsixty andfifty years of their religious profession in the Soc. of JMJ.

Iowe a great deal to God, the Almighty for the departed parents of our jubilariansisters who loved, nurturedour jubilarian sisters and offered them as apleasing sacrifice into His Service.

Every occasion is made very special with the presence of some unique personalities amidst of us. Much in a similar way, this day is sanctified with the presence of our dear Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Gali Bali, Bishop of Guntur Diocese. I thank you my Lordship for your gracious presence amidst us which added delight to thisevent.

The priestly presence is a blessing and we always believe that the company of ordained people amongst us brings choicest blessings upon us very specially on our Jubilarians. A joyful thanks to you dear fathers very specially the nephews’ and grand nephew of our Sr. Pauline Joseph.

Coming together is the sign of growing together. The presence of our dear JMJ sisters and sisters from other congregations every time from far and wide for these occasions encourages us to understand that we are for each other. The joy of being together delights our hearts. So, dear sistersI extend millions of thanks to all of youfor your valuable presence.

Dear relatives, friends and well wishers of our beloved sisters, occasions are rare and very specially, occasions like these are all the more exceptional.  We thank you for travelling all along the lives of our dear Jubilariansthrough thick and thin and being a constant companion through your love and service. Once again a big thanks to you.

The commemoration of the celebration is the Eucharist and songs complement life to the sacrifice we offer. So we fondly thank Rev. Fr. Thomas, Sr. Lisina and their group for their melodious singing which enabled us to raise our hearts to God in thanking. Well done!

This day can’t be so successful without our family members in the campus; Yes! The presence of ourdear staff from school, hospital and beloved students added life to this event. Dear staff and students we feel your power with us and thank you for making the day most memorable.

The dais & campus are so colourful& appeasing the situation. We thank Sr. Rani & team and all the sisters of St. Joseph’s Convent and Staff who put their heart and soul in preparing for this event. The success would have gone in vain without your endeavours. Thank you so much.

Grateful thanks to Raju and team for the sound and light and for illuminating the campus brightly for the triumph of this celebration. Sweet thanks to students of St. Joseph’s School and School of Nursing for the upcoming cultural programme, Sr. Lissy, Mrs. Praveena Mr. Balu and their team for preparing the students for the forth coming cultural events.

After the spiritual sustenance, we need to feed our physical selves. I am glad to look forward to Sr. Rosy Antony and team who are waiting to nourish us. Heartfelt thanks to you in anticipation.

Let me tell you, if I have forgotten to mention anyone in thanking, believe that I am one among you.

So once again dear friends,

We appreciate your kindness
As well your thoughtfulness
Both of which are priceless
Making these moments timeless.

Now in a spirit of cheerfulness
we thank you with all our eagerness
May this life treat you with gentleness
for, you have been truly selfless.

 Thanks to one and all