The Cinderella Story

The cinderella story

The Cinderella Story
The Cinderella Story

This story is about a pretty girl. Her father takes another marriage.  But the step mother is very bad woman. She never treated Cinderella well. Also the step mother has 2 ugly daughters. They are not beautiful also. All these 3 persons are not showing love and concern to Cinderella.

All the works at home are on the shoulders of Cinderella. She has to wash clothes. She has to cook food. She has to sweep the floor. They never bought new clothes. Instead she has used to wear only those Old torn clothes. She got her name Cinderella because She always sits at fire to cook food. So the daughters named her. Because the cinders fall over her while she cooks.

Cinderella is very sad. One fine day this family got an invitation for a function at a palace. All these 3 person are about to go the function. Cinderella asked whether she could come or not. But they rejected her and told her not to come to the function. Because She has old crap torn clothes over her. She is very sad for that.

They told her to go to the kitchen and work.

Original cinderella story

Would you have the capacity to make articles of clothing?” Cinderella’s stepmother asked. “Yes,” said Cinderella. “By then, you can make three new dresses for us,” said her stepmother. “In no time, go and do the housework.” Cinderella went to the kitchen.

“Young women,” the stepmother said, “we require some material for our new dresses. We should go shopping.”

On Saturday night, Cinderella was to a great degree involved. Her two stepsisters got dressed for the social occasion. Likewise, she helped them. “Brush my hair! Find my sack! Clean my shoes! ” they shouted at Cinderella. Finally, they were readied.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters got in their tutor and went to the social affair. Cinderella stayed on the methods and waved goodbye. By then, she sat down and cried. “I have to go to the get-together,” she said. Unexpectedly, she heard a voice. “Do whatever it takes not to cry, Cinderella.” Cinderella rotated toward the sky and saw a perfect lady. She had a faultless smile.

One of a kind cinderella story

“I’m a pixie,” said the lady. “Besides, an average young woman. You can go to the social event.” “Be that as it may I can’t go to the get-together in this dress,” said Cinderella. “I can help you, with my charm wand,” said the pixie. “In no time go and find a noteworthy pumpkin, four white mice and three reptiles.”

Cinderella ran and found a noteworthy pumpkin, four white mice and three reptiles. She offered them to the pixie. The pixie waved her charm wand and KAZOOM. The pumpkin transformed into an exquisite gold coach.

The white mice got the opportunity to be white steeds. Besides, the reptiles got the opportunity to be decent looking men. “In a matter of seconds,” said pixie , “close your eyes.” Cinderella close her eyes. The pixie waved her charm wand over Cinderella and KAZOOM. “Without further ado, open your eyes.” Cinderella opened her eyes and looked dress. It was delightful. Additionally, on her feet were several excellent glass shoes. “Goodness thank you,” she said. ” Now, I can go to the social event.” “Yes ,” said the pixie. “In any case, you ought to leave the social affair before midnight.

Since the charm stops at midnight.” “Yes,” said Cinderella. ” I see.” “Now, go and value the social affair,” said the pixie. Cinderella got in the gold tutor and went to the illustrious living arrangement. She met up at the social occasion in her delightful dress. Everybody looked.

“She’s to a great degree exquisite. Look at her brilliant dress! Who is she?” they asked. The sovereign saw Cinderella and he thought, She is the most great young woman on the planet.

“Might you want to move?” the ruler asked.

” Yes,” said Cinderella.

The ruler hit the move floor with Cinderella for the duration of the night. Her two stepsisters were outstandingly desirous.”

Who is she” they asked.

Cinderella and the ruler moved and moved. Also, every one of the ladies were to a great degree desirous. Out of the blue, Cinderella looked clock. It was one minute to twelve.” I ought to go,” she said and she missed the mark on the room.

” Wait!” said the ruler. “Returned. I don’t have the foggiest thought regarding your name.” Cinderella didn’t hold up. She continued running down the stairs. Additionally, she got out a glass shoe on the stairs.

Outside, Cinderella looked for her gold guide. It wasn’t there. There was a pumpkin, four white mice and three reptiles fled.

She looked dress. It was the untidy old dress afresh.

Quickly, Cinderella ran home.

The ruler found the glass shoe. ” This is her shoe ,” said the ruler. “I ought to find her.

I have to marry her.”

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The sovereign went to every house in the country. Besides, asked every young woman,” Is this your shoe?” But every one of their feet were excessively tremendous.

Finally, he went to Cinderella’s home. Cinderella was in the kitchen. Her stepmother opened the portal. “Come in, Your Highness,” she said. She took the sovereign into the parlor, then she went and got her two young ladies. The two young women were to a great degree stimulated.

In any case, the most settled young woman took the shoe.” Look! It’s my shoe,” she said and walked around the room in the glass shoe. In any case, her foot was excessively enormous.

“Give me the shoe,” said the sovereign. ” It’s not your shoe.”

By then the most young sister took the shoe.”

Look!” she said.” It’s my shoe. Will marry the ruler . Will be a princess.”

In any case, her foot was excessively gigantic.

“Give me the shoe,” said the sovereign. “It’s not your shoe.” Then the ruler asked, ” Are there some other young women here?”

“No,” said the stepmother and the two sisters.

At that moment, Cinderella came into the room. She expected to clean the room. She didn’t know the ruler was there.

Cinderella looked sovereign.” I’m miserable,” she said and missed the mark on the room.

“Who is that young woman? Bring her here,” said the sovereign. “May be, it’s her shoe.”

“It can’t be her shoe.” said step mother.

“I ought to ask every young woman in the country.

On the off chance that it’s not all that much inconvenience bring her here now,” said the sovereign.

The stepmother went and found Cinderella. Cinderella put on the glass shoe.

It was her shoe.

The two stepsisters and the stepmother were perturbed. In any case, the sovereign was to a great degree happy.

He got a handle on Cinderella’s hand and said,”You are the young woman I hit the move floor with. Likewise, you are the young woman I value. Will you marry me? ”

“Yes,” said Cinderella.

Cinderella married the ruler and they lived individually euphorically.

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