The Raven

the raven

the raven
the raven by ALLEN POE

His full name is Edgar Allan Poe. ( MYSTERY WRITER)

Born  – 1809 in Boston
Died  – 1849 in Baltimore

Education:  University of Virginia

Worked: as an Editor for various magazines

Rewards:  100 dollars for The gold bug

Writings:  The gold bug, The haunted palace, A dream within a dream. spirits of the dead He studied for some time and left the school. He was addicted to drinking alcohol and ran out of money. He struggled for a job. He married his Cousin of 13 years old girl Virginia Clem. He worked as a editor with various magazines but left after sometime due to poor salary. He set up his own magazine called THE STYLUS, which was a failure. His wife died in  the year 1846  due to health reasons. Finally Poe was found unconscious lying on the street in Baltimore in 1849. He died 4 days later in a hospital.

 THE RAVEN (1845)

The student is in a profound grief . He loses his lover named Lenore by premature death. One night he hears a tapping at his chamber door. The tapping produced a feeling in him that it might be Lenore standing outside. Another thought is that it might be somebody seeking for a shelter. He opened the door but found nobody. He whispered the name of  Lenore but it echoed the same. The student goes inside and again he hears another knock. He thought it to be the window from where the sound came. So he opens the window and the raven, fluttering its wings enters inside upon a bust of pallas.

The student asks raven the name. It replies ‘Never More’. He thought that the raven would leave his room after the storm getting calmed. Again raven replies Never  More. The speaker thought that the owner of the bird might have taught the only word ‘Never More’

He felt that God has sent some angels to provide him comfort in his grief. But raven once again uttered Never  More. The student asked whether the  bird is sent to lure him into evil or has been due to storm. Again bird says Never More. Then he asks the  bird whether his soul would meet Lenore in Heaven. Then the reply is Never More. Now student becomes angry with this reply and orders the bird to leave the chamber. But it gives the same answer Never More. The student felt that his soul which lay in the shadow of the bird , would be lifted never more from there.

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