wh auden

wh auden
wh auden

Born: 1907 in York, England
Died :  1973 in Austria
Education : Oxford University, Greshams School
Worked :  as Professor in Poetry
Notable Works:  The Dance of Death, The Orators, Look Stranger, Poems

Summary about poet: W.H Auden became central figure among Left Wing  intellectuals. In fact it is said that he was homosexual but he married Eric Mann, the daughter of Thomas Mann. He went to USA and became American citizen.


William Butler Yeats :

Born: 1865 in Ireland
Died : 1939 in France
Education: National College of Art and Design
Notable Works: A Vision, The Tower, In the Seven woods
Awards: Nobel price in Literature

Part 1

First Stanza: It describes the day of  Yeats’ death
— winter
— cold weather
— busy cities frozen with no life

Second Stanza: It describes how the life around
—  nature was as usual
— animal, wolves went normally
— poets verse unaffected by death.
— people read them as usual and verse lived independently

Third Stanza : It describes the decay of poets physical body
— failure of yeats’ body, the town squares were emptied.

Fourth Stanza: Yeats’ poetry became universal

Fifth Stanza : World is dominated by business and commerce yet there are many who feel the loss of yeats and recollect hte day of his death.

part 2

Blank Verse:  It describes how yeats had his weaknesses. He was associated with Aristocratic women such as lady Gregory but his poetry survives.

Part 3

It describes him as a poet of Irish nationalism. It is all about the great poet mentioned above things. It is how we need things to maintain certain areas of life. This is how we are in a way to make sure how poet can be a matter of famous nature in English Literature. wh auden is very special in this area of literature. He could impress many in one or othe way.

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