What is a Preposition

what is a preposition

What is a Preposition
What is a Preposition


Sometimes, when we learn English, we feel difficulty in understanding exactly what is a preposition. Here we will know exactly what does a preposition meant for.  Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word or element in the rest of the sentence. For example, ‘into the store.’ ‘around the bend.’ ‘up the stairs.’ above the clouds.’

we have just talked about the above examples and how these words are in bold. Notice that all the bold words in examples here are prepositions. We have nouns like store, bend, stairs, clouds. And the prepositions in bold are telling something about the nouns. And when we have them in sentence, they are relating this noun to something else in the sentence and that that would be more clear as we look at them in actual sense right now. So let us go on.

Prepositions are always in prepositional phrases. You will never see a preposition out there all by itself. If it is out there by itself it is not a preposition. It needs to be in a phrase and that would be more good.

Prepositions are used to tell a place of something or a position of a noun.  We can see that the term itself is in position of something.  It always seeks a position.  It gives importance to understand the things in clarity. we have like on, in, with, to, under, above. All these will give a meaning for a sentence. It is always good to understand that the given prepositions are something that we need to maintain to a certain level. Overuse of prepositions are dangerous and it will spoil the beauty of a sentence. To have a preposition mildly may give us something that we need to exactly get to know what is a preposition. So It is suggested and advisable not to get through over usage of them in a particular sentence.

I hope you are more clearer now of what is a preposition. It is nothing but in a simple words, the reality of the object, place or thing and its degree of presence. This degree of presence of a noun is what we technically call as a preposition.  So try using prepositions in your day today language and they will surely enhance your communication skills in every way and they are easy to understand too.

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