Expert Tips: Writing a Critical Analysis Essay for Dummies

write critical analysis essay
How to write analysis essay critically for dummies

The critical analysis essay implies an author to analyze a work written by the other author. To complete it, you need to acquire some useful skills and learn some essential tips. This post is aimed to help you with the possible pitfalls concerning the composition of this essay type. 

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Be Unprejudiced

A good essay is an objective essay. It implies different points of view towards the issue of the topic. An author should estimate the object without any stereotypes. Here are some possible stereotypes you might face:

  • A professor might ask you to analyze a book of an author you love or hate. The reasons might be different: you could fail a previous task which concerns the author’s works, it was challenging for you to read their works, you were made to do it, etc. Your personal attitude to the author will spoil your analysis essay. 
  • Always remember that particular work or paper is connected with the time and circumstances the author lived in. Many classic works describe things and behavior that are totally unacceptable now. They might trigger you. Do not let them do it and treat the work as a professional critic. 
  • Remember that a critical analysis implies both the merits and demerits of the work. You need to learn how to find good and bad features. It is challenging if you like or dislike the work or author. To avoid this problem, diversify your reference resources. Find out what other experts wrote about your essay object. 

Being unbiased is the first step to a good critical analysis essay. Also, you should learn how to analyze a particular work.

Learn How to Analyze Properly

In literature, there are many ways and algorithms of analysis. Always remember about the initial purpose of the critical analysis paper – to supply a reader with a brief evaluation of the work and recommendations about its utility. To write a good critical analysis of the literary work, you need to consider the following steps:

  1. The literature tendencies of the age. You’ll need to define the literature trend, school, and genre of the work.
  2. Define the main theme or idea of the work. List the problems disclosed in it and the pathos of the text.
  3. Learn the subjective organization of the work. You need to indicate the way the characters are described, the system of their organization, and the approaches to character creation.
  4. Define the attitude of the author to their characters, idea, and environment of the work.
  5. Learn the artistic history of the work. In other words, learn the circumstances and happenings that made an author write it, how and when it was created.
  6. Learn the peculiarities of literature means and tropes used in the work, their ways of utility and purposes.
  7. Define the narrative approaches used in the work.

Sometimes the critical analysis essay implies the author’s own thoughts concerning the work. Here is what you need to add in this case:

  1. Write down the brief emotional and evaluating the estimation of the literature work.
  2. Give a detailed estimation of the characters, their actions, and thoughts.
  3. Give detailed conclusions.

These steps of the analysis are the basis of your essay. Depending on the purpose or topic details, you might include new steps or exclude some of them from this list. To finish your essay, you need to know some general tips in essay writing.

Essential Essay Writing Tips

Critical analysis essays fall under the general structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Remember to diversify the parts. Essay writing implies emotional evaluation. However, it does not let you use obsolete or bookish words. Stick to the formal language style in your paper. 

Pay attention to proper referencing. Probably, you will use both in-text and footnote quotation and referencing. Keep the referencing style regulations by hand. Before writing, guess the acceptable percent of borrowing in the paper. 

Essay writing implies an interesting topic. Choose something that your audience would like to read if you are not given a definite theme. This type of essay does not imply a thesis statement in most cases. Otherwise, adjust your analysis to it. It should prove or discredit the statement. 

Do not forget to make your essay easy to read. Give the list of definitions in case you use various terms. Try to bond the paragraphs with each other. Do not use long and challenging sentences.

These pieces of advice will help you to write a good critical analysis essay. Recall them when you face the task and do not forget about the option to order a unique essay online.